Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services available from U4Global

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  • White Knight Pump Rebuild

    U4Global are the UK Distributor for White Knight Products and Services.

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  • SRD Controller Repairs

    Repairs & refurbishments on both Brushed and Brushless controllers - Tested and Returned to you with a 90 day warranty

  • MFC Repairs & Service

    We offer repairs & clean and calibrate services on mass flow controllers.

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  • Quartz Bath Repairs

    Quartz Bath Repairs
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  • Robot Service & Support

    Kensignton Labs , PRI Automation , LEP , MECS , Rorze, Asyst ,IDE ,Cybeq, Yaskawa , ADE , Novellus , ESI

  • Track Service & Repair

    U4Global have dedicated engineers available to service & repair your Tracks on site.

    Please contact U4Global Today to arrange a visit from our Engineer.